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Free 5-Day Live Challenge for Corporate Female Leaders Who Want to Master the Mindset, Boundaries, and Self-Belief to Explode Your Personal Confidence in Your Senior Leadership Role... Including a Celebratory Champagne Party 🥂


" I negotitated an $80k pay increase and company equity thanks to the tools and support Lucy gave me to unlock my confidence - she is a gift from God.” - Lisa, Senior Vice President

In this jam-packed 5-Day Challenge,

you’ll discover:



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In this FREE Challenge you'll discover:

  • The Three Biggest Blocks Even the Smartest Women in Leadership Hold and How to Breakthrough Fast

  • The Single Most Powerful Method to Set Boundaries That Gain You Respect So You Can Handle Conflict Like a Boss

  • The Secret Tool Used by 74% of Top CEOs and Executives For Unparallelled Success and Productivity

  • Exactly How to Find More Time For Strategy So You Finally Achieve REAL Work-Life Balance, and Stop Counting Down the Years to Retirement

  • What you Must to Do Now to Build Unshakeable Confidence and Skyrocket Your Success

"I couldn't believe the CFO revoked his decision about hiring due to the communication tools and confidence working Lucy taught me "

-Siobhan, Finance Director, Indirect Tax

Who is This Challenge For?

If you're an ambitous, family-focused woman in senior leadership from Director -1 to Executive level & any of the following sounds like you

"I wish had more confidence in my abilities and could sell myself as much as others do"

"I want to be a great leader who is valued and feel job satisfaction without jeopardising time with my family."

"It's endless worrying that I’m not good enough. I'm nearly giving myself negative feedback!"

"I want to get out of my own head and reach my potential so I can earn sh!t loads of money and retire with financial security"

I've been in your shoes and speak your language

I understand that being a female leader in the corporate world comes with its own unique set of challenges.

I get the timezones and corporate politics and "do more with less" can make your job feel hard. I know how hard you've worked to climb that ladder and how lonely it can be.

Work-related stress and anxiety coupled with doubting your abilities and second guessing your decisions make things 100x harder than they need to.

But you don’t have to do this alone.

That's why I designed this free challenge specifically for women in senior leadership in multinational corporations just like you

"If you need help accelerating your career while balancing the most important things Lucy will get you there"- Suzanne, SVP Sales

Are you tired of getting stuck in your own head with work problems? (While your peers seem to get all the recognition and visibility?)

You have been successful in your career and want to make an impact but you neglect your own needs which means you lag behind your peers.

You lack inner confidence and worry you're not up to the job.

You don’t have a path forward yet and although achieving is important, you know can’t sustain the pace you worked last year or spend time second-guessing decisions or ruminating about what you said at that last meeting.

You want to be able to switch off in the evening and cook a dinner or catch up on laundry without hearing the ping of emails and Whatsapp messages.

To be able to have a coffee in peace or get your hair done without your work phone in your hand, knowing your team have it all in hand.

But you also want to contribute, to add value and articulate your suggestions in a way that makes sense.

You might be secretly worried that you’re not up to the job, so you focus on doing more busy work to prove yourself.

But it doesn’t have to be this way.

You can ooze confidence, reach your full potential and have an AMAZINGLY successful leadership career without missing out on life... allow me to show you how.

"Lucy is a woman who is just dominating in empowering women in the workplace in so many ways"

Caroline Foran,

#1 Best-Selling Author

"We all need a Lucy in our lives"

Síle Seoige,

Irish Television Presenter

"Lucy is a wonderful coach, extremely motivating and empowering!”

Sharon Keegan,

CEO PeachyLean

as seen on Dragons Den

Hey there lovely lady, let me tell you a story...

I'm Lucy, a Multi-Award Winning International Executive Coach for Women in Leadership.

I've empowered thousands of driven women in senior leadership to build unshakeable confidence and their leadership toolkit so they excel at work without burning out or missing out on life.

Many of my clients have reclaimed control of their time and now spend guilt-free time with their families while being sought out for promotions.

Others have smashed through the glass ceiling to positions they could have only dreamt of with big fat pay increases!

Whatever your motivation for being here, I see you.

I feel you.

Having worked in the corporate world for almost two decades before starting my business, I know how many balls you juggle. Imposter Syndrome can be real too.I have listened to my private one to one clients and the members of 3SIXTY Leaders CLub who share the challenges you face, and I have helped them overcome them with by sharing the tools and resources they're missing.I get that you want to have it all, to feel confident and reach yuour potential at work and then go home in the evening and switch off without guilt.

I understand how difficult it can be to focus on yourself when you feel bound by duty to put work first. I understand how difficult it can be to hold yourself accountable to keep on track. But I'm here to tell you that it's OK to put YOU first for a change. I have a feeling that after this masterclass, you'll turn that corner you've been wanting to turn for a very long time!

As a Certified, Multi-Award Winning Executive Coach and mother who has worked with countless women from the world's top organisations I can tell you one thing for sure:

You are not alone in the challenges you face

But what's not ok is continuing to play small and not reach your full potential as a leader and as a woman.

Now is your time to make changes.

So what are you waiting for?

Let's stop procrastinating and start taking action.

I can't wait to be your personal coach for a whole work week in the challenge

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