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Inside this FREE Step-By-Step Guide, You'll Learn:

1. How to identify and remove limiting beliefs as the first critical step

Learn the exact thoughts and beliefs that are holding you back from having the success, balance and happiness you deserve and write your new story

2. How to set guilt-free boundaries... without looking unprofessional

Follow my simple yet powerful 3-step DAD method to set your boundaries that gain you respect, and improve your work-life balance and well-being without looking unprofessional or dropping the ball

3. How to prioritise your workload to stop overwhelm

Does your time get eaten up by meetings and tasks? Discover my 4-step framework showing you exactly how to prioritise your workload so you don't have to log on in the evenings or weekends to catch up (Yes, it is possible!)

4. How to stop procrastination and wasting time

Learn how to stop procrastination and spending time on tasks that don't add value... even if you're not a perfectionist, someone on your team is. It's critical that you understand this common challenge for many high-achievers and how to change things

5. Coaching your team demystified!

Learn exactly what coaching is, how and when to use it with your team so you get the best from them... There's also a list of 5 powerful questions guaranteed to improve your team’s performance and help you stand out as a great leader

Learn the soft skills they don't teach you at school!

You've done the technical courses, it's time to learn the soft skills you're missing

This Guide a Must-Have If…

Take control now. Effortlessly.

Learn how to increase your leadership impact wihtout burning out or missing out on life

I learned tools to let go of self-doubt, be a better leader, get more organised and control that internal judge I’ve battled with for years. Lucy makes you feel that nothing is impossible."

Jayne Delahunt, EMEA Director


Juggling it all doesn't have to be THIS overwhelming

Whether lack of time has been holding you back, you're not sure how to take back control, or you have no idea where to start … this handy guide will walk you through exactly what to do and teach you how to stop those negative voices in your head, get more on top of things and skyrocket your professional success.

Because when it comes to finding that balance of leadership and life, you've probably heard a LOT about the importance of mindset and boundaries, but NOT a lot about how to actually do this, right? So I’ve made this just for you. :-)

Join me to get the exact step-by-step process for taking control of negative self-talk and work-life balance while increasing your leadership impact… fast!

Having worked with 100’s women in leadership from the C-suite to the front line, I can tell you without a doubt

It is more than possible for you to have better balance without dropping the ball at work. You can feel more in control, confident and content.

You’ve probably heard me preach this for a while now! So often when discussing how women can have it all, there’s a LOT of talk about setting boundaries, being more assertive and self-belief… but when it comes to actually implementing this, many female leaders are left to rely on Google and podcasts.

Which may have left you wondering…

“Is it really possible at my level not to work long hours?”

“How can I get more out of my team without overloading them?”

“How do I shut down the laptop at 6pm and actually switch off?”

That’s why I created this guide to answer all those questions and more — so you can confidently set boundaries, remove limiting beliefs, get on top of your workload and get more from your team.

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